Where modern and tradition meets

Kosushi is opening its door to introduce the best sushi from São Paulo to Miami Beach in the heart of South Pointe neighborhood.  Our fresh and high-quality ingredients are carefully selected by the chef. Tuna, Salmon, Yellowtail, and even selections that are hard to find in Miami Beach to cater to all the sushi and seafood fans. There are a variety of ingredients available for every palate besides sushi and seafood as well. The bar and beverage program has been signed by reputed mixologist Marcio Silva featuring signature cocktails exclusively crafted for Miami Beach as well as a curated list of wine and sake showcasing flavor profiles for every palate. Kosushi Miami is the place where traditional and modern meets, projected to give you a total immersion and unique experience deeply rooted in Japanese culture, yet multicultural. You will enjoy the experience and memorable time with us in our dining room designed by reputed architect Arthur Casas that is set to impress with a unique wood structure in the ceiling that is both modern and original.
KO means turtle and also the excellence of number 1, in Japan, they say that turtles live ten thousand years and therefore are symbols of happiness and good omen. We seek long life, bringing happiness to our customers and making us the best new restaurant in Miami Beach.

Our Chefs

George Koshoji & Edwin Delgado

Kosushi is credited for not only has brought the traditional style of authentic Japanese cuisine but for embracing his bicultural influences of Japan and Brazil in flavor under the guidance of chef Koshoji, who was born in Brazil and learned techniques of Japanese cuisine in Sao Paulo and soon sought perfection in Japan. Kosushi doors opened with chef Koshoji’s return from Japan. Now it’s known as a place for the best sushi in São Paulo. Unique fusion flavor and culinary experience he creates is evident in his mastery and precision of cuts and the delicacy.
This style of cooking lies at the heart of the Kosushi Miami’s menu as it’s signature dishes and delivered under the strict eye of Miami Executive Chef Edwin Delgado. Born in Medellin, Colombia. Chef Delgado’s culinary journey began in front of the house 1995 working at the local Japanese sushi restaurant in Miami. And the Japanese owner/ sushi chef recognized Delgado’s work and speed and took him under his wing behind the sushi bar. That immersion into Japanese cuisine led Delgado to work alongside globally acclaimed chefs at Nobu where he continued to polish his technique and hone his culinary sensibilities, then opened Tanuki Miami as an executive sushi chef. Addition to signature dishes, chef Delgado is introducing Miami Beach flavors to the menu.