Kosushi, the highly successful Japanese restaurant from São Paulo, Brazil, will be opening its doors in Miami Beach’s South Pointe neighborhood in April. This marks the first entry in the United States for the Michelin-starred restaurant. Kosushi has garnered a well-deserved reputation for the past 30 years in São Paulo
under the command of chef George Koshoji, who is passionate about combining the authentic and contemporary Japanese cuisines. Chef Koshoji embraces his bicultural influences from Japan and Brazil to create a unique culinary experience to Kosushi’s customers, which is evident through the mastery and precision of his cuts and the delicacy and the fusion of flavors on his dishes.

The menu will feature traditional Kosushi dishes, such as the Tuna Dyo Ikura Quail Egg (a thin slice of tuna over Japanese rice, quail egg yolk, and ikura roe), the Tuna Avocado Temaki (tuna, avocado and massago roe, a favorite among our temaki specialties) and the Tamago Furai (organic egg, cooked in slow temperature, breaded with ikura roe and truffled oil with crispy sweet potatoes). Kosushi-style nigiri sushi will delight and surprise customers, along with artfully crafted Asian fusion signature dishes exclusive to Kosushi Miami.

In addition to the food menu, Kosushi will have an exclusive cocktail selection, created by iconic Brazilian mixologist Márcio Silva, featuring drinks like “Shokobutsuen” (Gin, fresh lemon juice, basil, cucumber, mint and organic sugar syrup) as well as a curated list of wines and sakes showcasing flavor profiles for every palate. The Dining Room, designed by award-winning Brazilian architect Arthur Casas is set to impress with a unique wood structure in the ceiling, that is modern and original. The room is anchored by a sushi bar located in the center, where guests can watch the chef prepare the sushi.